Kaspars Teodors Brambergs

 Excerpt from the original video work 'Joe Flint' 

'Joe Flint' / 1km x 400m / 3D cyberspace object turning around above The Floating art Centre NOASS. It is visible via Sanapp app installed on smartphone or iPad with object downloaded 'Brambergs/Relax'.

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Solo show Relax is a direct answer to the previous two solo shows Dynamis, Gallery NOASS (2014) and The Flow, Riga’s Art Space (2016). Project Relax was moved from the imaginary / depicted space to a literal space. The Abstraction is pretending to act as a descriptiveBrutal metal structures prompt one to reflect about a pseudo-functionality and seamless usefulness. Possibly, the dispassionate humanisation of the material. Relax opens up consciousness to interpretation, nevertheless leaving it undeciphered.

Sound Object 'Joe Flint's story' performed by Guntars Endzelis (Joe Flint). First Time performed on an opening day. A video was taken live at Floating Art Centre NOASS 28/06/2018. Camera: Aigars Endzelis

Project Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation / SanApp / NOASS / Nacionālā Filmu Skola

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