Kaspars Brambergs

Project Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation / Putu Meistars / SanApp / NOASS

RELAX series was turning point I've moved from the imaginary / depicted space to a literal space. Paintings turns into a Objects, Video track and Virtual 3D augmented reality object 'Joe Flint over The City'

The Abstraction is pretending to act as a Descriptive.

Brutal metal structures prompt one to reflect about a Pseudo-functionality and Seamless usefulness.


Special Thanks:

Floating Art Centre NOASS team (Restless, warm, supportive welcome on the NOASS board)

Planetary-scale, augmented reality (AR) project SANapp, (virtual space and 3D object animation)

.. and fantastic Elizabete Gricmane (Video Edition)

Finacial Support: State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF)

'Delta Waves' / solo show 'RELAX' / Floating Art Centre NOASS / 2018 / Metal, acrylic glass, oil paint, acrylic paint / 450 x 260cm

'What the Animals Of The Forest Tell Me' / solo show 'RELAX' / Floating Art Centre NOASS / 2018 / polyurethane / metal / 500 x 540cm

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